Unlock Her Legs

By Amanda Hocking | July 20, 2015

Unlock Her Legs ebook download in PDF format. Feel free to learn more about Bobby Rio’s manual by clicking the link below. Bobby is going to reveal a weird little mind game called The Scrambler that flips a switch in a girl’s mind and get her obsessed with sleeping with you. I have to warn you –  The Scrambler is like fu..ing with her head on steroids. So if you think that playing “Mind Games” is unethical or immoral exit this page. Now, if you are not afraid to use tricks to get a girl into bed, Bobby will show you how this sneaky little secret can take complete control of her thoughts. And even though this might sound impossible now once you read this page and do what it says.

You will feel like you suddenly have a remote control to the “F..ck Me” center of her mind. You’ll finally have that female friend butt-naked on your bed confessing how badly she wants you. You’ll be surprised when that bartender or waitress you have a secret crush on is slipping her phone number on the receipt. You’ll shock your friends when that hot girl at the party who everyone has their eyes on is flirting with you and begging to go back to your place. This mind game will even have that “girl who got away” knocking on your door at two in the morning because she suddenly decides she has to have you inside her. And Bobby personally promises that any girl will fall for The Scrambler. No matter what her opinion of you is now, how bad of a first impression you made with her.

Author: Amanda Hocking

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