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The Pocket Farm

Description: The Pocket Farm, eBook by Alec Deacon (aquaponics instructional guide)! Read online or download your PDF for free NOW!

The Self-Sufficient Backyard

The Self-Sufficient Backyard eBook download in PDF format (.pdf), by Ron and Johanna Melchiore. This guide provides detailed information for self sustainability. Feel free to read by clicking the link below… The Self-Sufficient Backyard Ron & Johanna Melchiore (PDF Book Download)

Magnifier Engine Program

The Magnifier Engine Program PDF book download, by Darren Holman (plus video files). Feel free to learn how to make super-efficient homemade generator from the comfort of your home. Darren Holman’s The Magnifier Engine Program (PDF & Video Files Download)

Air Fountain System

The Air Fountain System PDF book download, by John Gilmore. Feel free to learn how to survive America’s upcoming 100-year long drought. John Gilmore’s Air Fountain System (PDF Book Download)