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The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution eBook PDF download, by Shelly Manning. No one was helping people prevent damage to their kidneys through diet other than Shelly for many years, so she decided to write advice for the public. You won’t be able to find better advice! Shelly Manning’s The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution PDF Download

The Morning Fat Melter

The Morning Fat Melter ebook PDF download, by Aline Pilani. One way to approach food today is to think of diversity. Diversity is a wonderful thing, culturally and socially, and it’s wonderfully where your food is concerned. The problem today, though, is that so many of us as Americans live off of a non-diverse diet dominated by wheat,… Read More »

Everyday Roots

Everyday Roots ebook PDF download, by Claire Goodball. This week, I shared a bit about my own journey from unhealthy to healthy and how modifying my diet to reflect a gut-healthy diet made a big difference. I also shared a bit about the benefits of a gut-healthy diet. Today, I want to share a bit about some of… Read More »

Flow State Training Program

Flow State Training Program – PDF download, by C Wilson Meloncelli (plus video files). Following on from the lack of desire to get out at the end of week 3, week 4 began in much the same way. A combination of a lack of desire, the horrible heat, and a couple of days of bad headaches meant that… Read More »

Over 40 Ab Solution

The Over 40 Ab Solution book download in PDF format, by Shaun Hadsall. More power to you! Remain strong mentally, physically always! Planking for a few minutes each day helps strengthen your core, arms, legs, tones your buttocks, builds abs, and improves your mental focus. It helps improve balance, posture, and endurance. Maintaining core strength is an important… Read More »