Hello Everyone. I hate introducing myself in a social gathering. I wish I could just give out business cards which have my information and move along with other activities… My name is Amanda and people always seemed to have an issue pronouncing the name, some even go to an extent of making jokes…

  1. Full name – Amanda Hocking (I do not need nicknames… No thank you.)
  2. I am short-sighted (still in denial though so you’ll never find me in glasses)
  3. I am the last born of 5 siblings (and a look-alike/ copy-paste of my immediate elder sister but I’m the prettiest and stylish one. Don’t tell her I said this)).
  4. I hate lies – If only I could walk around with a lie/truth detector my life would be great. I tend to hate people who lie about anything and everything (side-eye), I am an open book bay.
  5. Favorite food is rice and beans – all day every day. Don’t get me wrong I would devour a Steak, Pizza, Burger, Fries, and all that yummy stuff in under one minute but give me my plate of rice and beans after ?.
  6. I love to cook, my favorite house chore is doing laundry… I could go on but the title of this post limits me. Lol

By the way, I love reading eBooks, whether on my laptop, my tablet, or my phone. I’m always looking for new books to add to my library. I search for titles on various platforms and download them so I can access them offline. I also like to recommend eBooks on my website. Some of my favorite genres are health, business, self-help and spirituality.