Synergy Spanish

By Amanda Hocking | July 6, 2016

Synergy Spanish – PDF book download, by Marcus Santamaria. So, what’s on my mind is the idea that anyone can do anything they put there mind to. I also here that having goals are the be all achievement. But, here’s the choice I tell you not to worry at all about specific goals. Instead make sure you have as broadly wide range as possible. Let’s stay realistic, but the more broad you are I think you will do fine. I will give you an example: I want to be fluent in Spanish and I want to learn more today than I did yesterday. Now what do I study? I don’t set anything out I just go with the flow. I set a large flexible goal that can be formed and reformed many times. But, learning Spanish is life long.

My next goal is for this blog. I am just going to write each and every day. Who knows where it will take me. Who even knows if I will write everyday, but I think the idea of that goal is to have at least something g to look back on. I mean in December of 2021 I can look back at this. If I end up with more than just one blog post that will be amazing. If I end up over 100 even better.

But, my main point I will ponder on is the idea of anything is possible. If you study anything in a set amount of time how far would you make it in the end. Because, either way you made it through just one day. So, pat yourself on the back and have a great day.

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Author: Amanda Hocking

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