The Relationship Rewrite Method

By Amanda Hocking | November 12, 2018

The Relationship Rewrite Method – PDF ebook download, by James Bauer! Stopping destructive dating behavior is easy when you recognize why you make the choices that you do. That’s the important part. When you know why you do it, you can do something about it. So let’s go back to our original list:

  • if loneliness is clouding your judgement, then engage in more social activities, join a meetup group, take a class, plan outings with family and friends.
  • if you’re emotionally unavailable, try and determine why you are and work towards solving it either with family, friends or a professional.
  • if you’re not being true to yourself and your values, ask yourself why and be confident enough to let go someone who doesn’t qualify, someone else will come along.
  • if you’re not marketing yourself the right way to the right people, then think about what it is that makes you different and stand out from the crowd and always be confident about who you are, in addition to always putting your best foot forward.
  • if you’re clinging to false hope in dating, then you need to give yourself a reality check – is your current situation going nowhere fast? are you living on wishful thinking? are you ignoring red flags?
  • if you choose the one that makes you weak in the knees, most likely you like that “high” of crazy chemistry, but ask yourself if it comes with stability and refocus on what you really want? Remember that a fire that burns fast and hot burns out just as fast.
  • if you’re enabling bad behavior and making excuses for them then ask yourself why you’re doing it and what you’re getting out of it, they are the ones benefiting while you’re most likely miserable.

Some food for thought. If you always repeat the same dating mistakes, then think long and hard why you do it and make a conscious decision to stop. Don’t define yourself by your mistakes but learn from them and move on. It’s an experience, valuable experience. You’ll be much happier for it. Don’t be a glutton for punishment. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled. So CHOOSE happiness and download James Bauer’s ebook “The Relationship Rewrite Method” now!

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