Monogamy Method

By Amanda Hocking | May 6, 2015

The Monogamy Method book download in PDF format. “The Monogamy Method” was created by two professional relationship coaches, Jason Rogers and Samantha Sanderson. Samantha Sanderson is a well-known name in this market because she is the creator of another course for women called “The Penguin Method.” The Monogamy Method focuses on showing women how to strengthen their relationships, so that their men become totally loving and faithful to them on every level. It’s not just for women who are currently in relationships. It’s also suitable for any woman who is seeking a relationship, and wants to ensure that the next man she dates will desire a serious, committed and loving relationship with her. The course consist of:

  • A lengthy e-book
  • A full audio version of the e-book
  • A series of instructional videos

This course was partially inspired by a breakthrough study that was conducted at the Bonn University Medical Center in Germany, where a team of researchers studied the effect of the hormone Oxytocin on men. I highly recommend this guide for download in PDF format to every woman!

Monogamy Method

The Monogamy Method PDF Free Download

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