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By Amanda Hocking | June 8, 2015

Weight Loss Kickstart book download in PDF format. Find below a free preview for Aminux’s Weightlossxo website powered by Scibd. Are you getting ready to lose weight? Have you put together a viable plan that will help you reach your goals? Before you start expecting to see weight drop off, put some time into deciding what tricks you should include in your weight loss plan and what should be out. Do you crave sugar? Maybe you shouldn’t cut it out all at once. Do you pack in the calories late at night? Maybe you need a food curfew. Be thorough and fair with yourself. Thinking of starting a diet that leaves you eating like a squirrel? Sure, you will lose weight, but you may also lose your mind. Always include foods that are filling in your diet. A sweet potato packs a vitamin punch and fills you up. Drinking lots of water between meals and even bites helps too, but you need something your body can really digest, so think about healthy carbs. You need them. The word resolution comes from the base word resolve. To achieve any weight loss resolution, you need the resolve to push through. When it comes time to start your diet plan for the new year, start with a list of things that motivate you to lose weight. Do you want to keep up with your kids better, fit in your old clothes, run a mile or more, etc.? Write these things down where you can see them, so you can keep up your resolve throughout the new year, not just January. I highly recommend Weight Loss Kickstart guide to everyone who want to lose weight. Good luck!

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Author: Amanda Hocking

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