Omega Body Blueprint Free PDF Download – YouTube Video

By Amanda Hocking | May 28, 2015

Omega Body Blueprint Free PDF Download – YouTube Video. Speaking in strict linguistic terms Omega—styled as “Ω” is the 24th and final letter of the Greek alphabet. In literature and other artistic representations, Omega is used to denote the last, final, complete, or ultimate limit of a set of object, concepts or principles. (This is in contrast to “Alpha”, which represents the beginning.) I’ve always loved the general symbolism of that. To me—and my clients—the Omega body is the final body; the finished body. Your Omega body is exactly that: your final form. It’s the body you have in your most developed, fittest state. You’ve reached Omega Status when you’ve built all the muscle you want, and have stripped away the last bits of excess fat to reveal the lean, hard, sexy definition underneath. THAT is your Omega body. And that is exactly what I’m going to help you achieve. To do that, let’s look at why getting it is so hard…why so many people just keep spinning their wheels…

Author: Amanda Hocking

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