Bodyweight Burn

By | June 15, 2015

Bodyweight Burn program free download in PDF format. Truth is, most people just can’t stick to that 90-minutes-a-day routine… and as you’ve already learned… you just don’t have to! In fact, we already covered the fact that for most people, those long workouts are even going to raise your cortisol levels and force your body to store more stubborn fat around your midsection… Not to mention the fact that more and more studies are popping up, showing that long workouts also cause you to eat more, and store more fat. Remember, I’ve spent my life battling my “fat genes”, I love food, I have a family, and I run three successful businesses. I don’t believe in wasting my exercise time or in giving up on the pleasures of great food with a glass of my favorite red wine. So I put my system together for every busy man or woman who is not willing to compromise their enjoyment of life to have the body you desire and deserve…

Author: Amanda Hocking

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